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Washington College Academy's instructors include both studio artists and professional educators. We are looking for artists doing interesting work who are also excellent teachers with these qualities: a willingness to be generous with information, strong technical skills, good interpersonal skills, an ability to teach conceptual information. We encourage innovative classes, classes that advance contemporary expressions in various media as well as classes that incorporate or emphasize historic information and processes.

It’s helpful if instructors have some familiarity with the school. And please remember that most of our classes are open to students at all skill levels (including beginners) and we attract students of all ages, with a minimum age of 18. The spread of ages and skills is challenging but can make for exciting classes if the instructor is prepared to work with it.

Throughout the year we periodically review teaching applications for future programming. Applications are kept on file for five years.

Once we receive your proposal, we will contact you if we need more information or have any questions. If a teaching slot that is a good match for you and your proposal becomes available, we will contact you. We schedule classes about a year and a half ahead of time. Please visit the workshops section of our website or look at several of our catalogs to get a sense of the range of workshops taught each year.

Thank you for your interest in teaching at Washington College Academy. We are always interested in learning about artists who can bring new perspectives to our programs.

To Apply

You May Direct Questions to:

Jennifer Rasnake, Office Manager


Heather Jones, Education Committee Co-Chair



We are re-branding our look and our school, something new out of the old while moving into the future.

We will be carrying on Appalachian traditions while introducing new venues in the art world. 


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