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Robin Lynch

Robin Lynch is a native of Unicoi, Tennessee and received his BS degree in Biology from East Tennessee State University in 1991. He and his parents own and operate Farmhouse Gallery & Gardens in the Town of Unicoi, a working family farm and event venue, where Robin creates handmade metalwork and brooms in his log cabin blacksmith shop.

Robin worked with the general public for several years as a fishery biologist with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and as a Cardiac Therapist at the Johnson City Medical Center. In 2002, he took a course on blacksmithing at the John C. Campbell Folk School and has been smithing ever since. In recent years, he has taken up broom making, learning from master broom maker, Bob Wiggins.
With a lifelong interest in art, nature and history, Robin enjoys creating hand forged items that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Recreating period correct hardware and forging mixed metal (iron, brass, copper) objects are among his favorite subjects, but teaching is his favorite way to share his talents. "It gives me great satisfaction to watch someone develop their skills and see the enthusiasm on their face as the items they are creating begin to take shape!", he says of teaching.


Passing on the art form of blacksmithing is important to Robin and whether you just want the experience of working hot metal on an anvil, or if you want to truly begin learning the techniques of moving and shaping hot metal into your own creations, Robin can provide instruction to suit your needs.

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