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Reed Hood

My name is Reed Hood.  I am a pottery instructor and ceramic artist. I started my journey in pottery in 1971 at the University of Central Florida. My 1st class was wheel-throwing on the kick wheel. As life went on I took many classes in pottery, shapes, glaze calculations, kiln building both high fire and raku. University of Central Florida pottery, 24 college units 1971-1972. Palomar College, San Marcos, California pottery 24 college units. 1972-1974. College of The Red Woods, Eureka, California 196 college units. 1984-1995 Humboldt State, Eureka, California. Workshops having to do with pottery, Shapes & design, Johann files 1986, 2 workshops with Paul Solnder, Tonie Hepburn and June Koniko, Raku, and kilns. Large pots on the wheel 50 lbs. With Reggie Mintey, Eureka, California. In this time span 1984-1995, I also started teaching pottery so some kids who lived close to me and a few teens could learn. Next I was teaching at 2-grade schools, Whale Gulch Elem. White Thorn, California & Red Way Elm. 2 High schools Petrolia High  Petrolia, California. Whale Gulch High, White Torn California. Also, I had got a grant from National Endowments for the Arts, for a 7 media art camp. The camp was from 1989-1993 in the summer. Also in the summer, I was teaching for Garberville Summer Rec. I did many art & crafts shows in Oregon, California, Florida & Washington State. Have judged art & crafts shows, and given many Raku Demonstrations. In 2008-2010 I worked for Palms up Pottery, in New Smyrna Beach, Florida, in the pottery shop throwing, glazing, bisque loading and unloading the kilns, making glazes and glaze pots loading the kilns, high fire, airbrushing the pots and took over the teaching, reopened the School Of Clay. I love teaching pottery to children, teens, adults, and seniors in all phases, starting with slab construction, hand building, and wheel throwing, with a proven method on the wheel. 1st, doggie dishes with flat-bottoms- it teaches students to compress the bottom of the pots, 2nd cylinders, and 3rd are bowls can teach with my proven method to throw in 15 minutes.  I have developed this proven method and it works. I have a few letters of recommendation from a journalist, a world-class potter, and a mother whose children took pottery classes for over a year, also a few adult students. 

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