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Saturday, September 12, 2020,
9am to 4pm, with one hour off for lunch.


You probably still have that lanyard you made while you were in Girl Scouts in your dresser drawer don’t you? And since then, you’ve thought about taking a weaving class to make some baskets or such?
Well, how about trying to weave with metal wire?
I will give you a choice from a selection of small, different-shaped sheets of copper or brass with holes drilled in its edges, and this is where you will start your experimentation in wire weaving.
Weaving with metal wires is a bit different than weaving with string or caning because wire stiffens every time you bend it which means it has properties that wicker weaving has not; such as the ability to flatten or bend the woven object to a different shape or form during the weaving process or after. And it will retain your alterations whereas wicker cracks or breaks, and cloth just flattens!
Weaving is a cathartic activity that can be done at home or anywhere! With weaving, you can make sculpture or small wearable objects such as bracelets, hair accessories, necklaces, wearable pins, and even rings!
This class is for Beginners or the more advanced students wishing to build upon their skills. But, if you are more advanced, you may wish to work with silver or gold wire by bringing your own. Please note that if you’ve never woven metal before, it’s best to experiment in brass, copper and aluminum wires until you learn metal’s limitations, and with more practice, obtain your own unique style.

Weaving With Metal Wire

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