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Tool Making for Blacksmiths and Jewelers

Instructor: Dwight H. Bennett

October 17th

9am-4pm with one hour for lunch


This class will enable you to make tools when you need them in the moment you need them! You will be given the wherewithal to make the exact tool you want, while finding it’s actually faster than looking on the internet for something that is a “make-do,” or the wrong-size, or something you have to wait for days to arrive!

   You will learn how to anneal the tips of hardened concrete nails so you can saw, file, sand, drill and polish their tips. These will become your lifelong set of chasing tools, repoussé tools, texturing tools, center punches, inlay tools, special picks or hooks and maybe even your newly designed logo stamp (come with your logo designs drawn out already please)!

You will then learn to heat treat these nails after you’ve made them.

I will supply the concrete nails for you to use. But if you desire to make a logo stamp for blacksmithing, you should bring in metal stock that is larger than a concrete nail. You should also consult with your blacksmith teacher as to what metal makes for a good punch to use on wrought iron.

   Likewise, you should bring in any of your old, broken tools from home, including old files, cheap pliers (that can be altered into a specialized plier), broken hammers (that can be made into texturing tools) and “defunct” screwdrivers (that can become the handle of some new tool, or be altered into a specialized driver. 

PLEASE NOTE: This class is for Beginners or the more advanced students wishing to improve upon their skills.

Touch Marks, Metal Stamps, and Inlay Tools October 17th

$120.00 Regular Price
$90.00Sale Price
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