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1 p.m. - 4 p.m. 


The variety of shapes and colors of seashells is amazing! This class has two objectives. The first is to introduce the students to the world of shells and examine some of the huge variety existing today around the world. The second objective is to examine shells as works of art. The project part of the class will have the students create a short photo essay using shells showing their interpretation of the colors and geometric designs that they have found in shells. Examples of such projects will be shown. This is a wonderful class that people of all ages from young children to older adults can enjoy. This class will definitely increase your enjoyment of going to the beach, and maybe introduce you to a new hobby. 


Every student will need to bring a phone with a camera, or , if desired, a single-reflex digital camera. 


The Art Of The Shell Through Study And Photography October 8th

  • George Blanks