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October 16th

9am-4pm with hour for lunch 

How would you like to find out how coin rings are made by actually making one? By the end of this class, you will be taking home one or two rings you'll have made to show all your friends! 

These rings are made of actual coins. The rings typically have the "heads" side of the coin on the outside and the "tails" side on the inside of the band ( or vice versa if you desire). 


This class is for beginners, believe it or not! 


You know those old coins sitting in your top dresser drawer? Let's make them into keepsakes! You'll actually have time to make two rings, so if you want to give a ring as a surprise, bring their ring size ( or one of their rings that fits) so we can size it. 


You must bring your own coins 


I'd suggest making your first ring with a cheaper copper-nickel clad quarter, half-dollar or ( large or small) dollar coin. 


Some of you might want to make your second ring with a silver coin, but you don't have any silver coins? I will have some common-dated silver coins I can sell to you for very little above the value of the silver content in each respective coin. 


You might note that I have included pictures of other things made with coins. If you are interested in learning how to do some of these other processes, please inquire! I will design a class specifically for you! 


I'll be looking forward to seeing you in my class! 

Making A Coin Ring October 16th

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