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Date:  July 11th

Time 9am-4pm


9:00 Am General Discussion

- Tools basic to start, go over handout covering anvil, forge and hand tools. 

-Discuss safety concerns, assign stations

9:30 AM Start With Processess and Techniques

- 3 of the 7 basic processes explored using a fire poker ( drawing, bending and twisting ) 

11:00 AM LUNCH


12:00 PM Explore the 4 remaining processes ( cutting, punching, upsetting, and welding) 

2:00 PM Types of Steel 

- Mild, High Carbon and wrought

- Forge and Temper a Chisel or center punch 


3:00 PM Address individual concerns and questions

4:00 PM Clean up and return tools 

Intro To Blacksmithing July 11th

$120.00 Regular Price
$90.00Sale Price
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