Date:  July 11th

Time 9am-4pm


9:00 Am General Discussion

- Tools basic to start, go over handout covering anvil, forge and hand tools. 

-Discuss safety concerns, assign stations

9:30 AM Start With Processess and Techniques

- 3 of the 7 basic processes explored using a fire poker ( drawing, bending and twisting ) 

11:00 AM LUNCH


12:00 PM Explore the 4 remaining processes ( cutting, punching, upsetting, and welding) 

2:00 PM Types of Steel 

- Mild, High Carbon and wrought

- Forge and Temper a Chisel or center punch 


3:00 PM Address individual concerns and questions

4:00 PM Clean up and return tools 

Intro To Blacksmithing July 11th

$120.00 Regular Price
$90.00Sale Price

*Please Go To Information To Fill Out The Registration Form


*Read The Materials List Under Information 

*We Must Have Full Payment upon Entry into class

* Age limit is 16 + unless specifically listed otherwise


WCA is re-branding our look and our school, something new out of the old while moving into the future.

 Carrying on Appalachian traditions while introducing new venues in the art world. 


Office Hours 8a.m-5p.m Monday -Friday 

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