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Saturday, October 9th 2021


From 10 a.m. - 3 p.m.

in the afternoon we are going to have a workshop dedicated to recording Alumni stories about experiences as students or faculty at WCA. Noted author and collector of stories, Carolyn Gregg will lead the workshop. The event will start with a short presentation on how to collect stories- what questions to ask, and how to bring those stories to life. After the presentation, we will break into groups of two and start the sharing and recording process. We will have lunch from 12-1 ( bring your own bagged lunch) and from one to three we will continue collecting and recording stories. The hope is to collect all of these stories and make them available to the Alumni in general and place them as part of the museum.


The cost for the day is $10.00 . 


Alumni Storytelling Workshop October9th

  • Carolyn Gregg