Heather S. Jones, Artist

Up The Creek Studio And Farm. 

Artist, Teacher, Entrepreneur. A 1979 graduate of Florida State University . Versed in a variety of mediums, Heather has multifaceted approach to art. She believes that "There is an inner child in all of us with the need to create and express themselves." Being a High School art teacher, private business owner for 40 years and counting, has allowed her to keep a fresh and innovative approach to art. With pieces in private collections throughout the United States, Heather brings creative and passionate spirit to the workshop setting. 


Check Out Some Of Her Work!


We are re-branding our look and our school, something new out of the old while moving into the future.

We will be carrying on Appalachian traditions while introducing new venues in the art world. 


Office Hours 8a.m-5p.m Monday -Friday 

(423) 257-5151


116 Doak Lane, Limestone, TN 37681




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