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Tania Dirks

Tania Dirks holds a BFA from Rhode Island School of Design (RISD.) As a Painting Major at RISD she was the recipient of the Florence-Leif Award for excellence in painting and awarded a fellowship to Yale Summer School of Art and Music. During college Tania was a Teacher's Assistant for Basic and Advanced painting techniques classes and completed an internship at the Drawing Center NY, NY.

Immediately after graduation, Tania taught painting in a special art and music focused preschool program in the West Village, NYC. Tania went on to work at the art publishing house SOHO EDITIONS, first as a studio artist and then as Art Director. Tania was Director of Project Development for RKG Fundraising Services, helping non- profits effectively communicate their mission and needs to their benefactors through copy and design of print material.  


Tania in her spare time, has completed multiple murals for small businesses, painted sets for local theatres, offered drawing and painting classes to senior citizens, as well as taught many fundraising "paint party" events, as well as FUNraising for corporate events and for private parties.


This past year, Tania along with her husband and son, moved to Telford, Tennessee, where she hopes to continue to be a freelance artist and teacher.

You can follow Tania's artist page on Facebook: Tania Dirks/artist

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