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Key To Map 2020 

By: Dwight Bennett

1: Amos Bingham House (President's House)

2: Scott Building (Little School)

3: Harris Hall (Girl's Dorm)

4: Foster House (Washington College Academy's Administration Building)

5: Student Industry Building (Lower Gym)

6: Harris & Jablonski Complex (Upper, or New Gym)

7: Milk Barn (Dairy Barn)

8: Milk Barn Silo

9: Dean's House Garage

10: Dean's House

11: Temple Auditorium (and Old Gym downstairs)

12: Carnegy Hall

13: Temple Library

14: McCormick Model Barn

15: Parsonage

16: Salem Presbyterian Church

17: Pence Graybeal Building 

18: Scott House

19: Old Abandoned Barn

20: Chase Tennis Courts

21: Mullen's Hall (Boy's Dorm)

22: Cicirello/Early House


WCA is re-branding our look and our school, something new out of the old while moving into the future.

 Carrying on Appalachian traditions while introducing new venues in the art world. 


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