Executive Board Members 

Daniel Thompson - Chairman 

Dr. George Blanks- Vice Chairman/Education Committee/Financial Committee 

Michael Bartley- Executive Committee/ Financial Committee/ Education Committee 

Robin Chapman- Executive Committee, Secretary 

Richard Donoho- Treasure '55 Executive Committee/ Financial Committee/ Education Committee 

Heather Jones- Executive Committee/ Education Committee

Christine Keys- '62 executive Committee

Lynn Hall- Property Community Chair '68 / Executive Committee 

Board Of Trustees

Caroline Blanks- Education Committee

Dwight Bennett - Education Committee

Farris Broyles- Property Committee

Carl Daniels- Alumni President '65

Howard Dunbar - '55

Ken Fabbri- Champlin ACT School Appointed

Marsha A. Griffith- Education Committee 

Martha Nell Estes

Robin Lynch

Dr. Patrick Stern

Mike Durham 


WCA is re-branding our look and our school, something new out of the old while moving into the future.

 Carrying on Appalachian traditions while introducing new venues in the art world. 


Office Hours 8a.m-5p.m Monday -Friday 

(423) 257-5151


116 Doak Lane, Limestone, TN 37681





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